What, or when is that deciding moment you realize that you are either over weight or out of shape?

The adding up of your years on the planet, or maybe the huffing and puffing climbing the stairs to your office.

I had three factors. The stairs gave way to the elevator sometime ago. It was a visit to my Physician. He started in with his spill you are not a spring chicken and as we age we will note changes. He took my blood pressure. This was odd the nurse just took it. He had s brief smile then pumped it up way up. The pressure on my arm felt as if it would pop off any moment. Saying nothing he left the room and came back with two pills. One he poked a hole in and said open your mouth and lift your tongue. This was odd but allowed him to continue. Then he handed me the other pill and as I started to protest he said shhh lay back. I swallowed the pill and did lay back. He dimmed the lights and said lay here for a moment and I will return.

He left the room. Laying there the thought occurred its high blood pressure. These types of not speaking are part of his bedside manner so I thought nothing of it.

 He returned 15 minutes later took my blood pressure again.  He said better. Well come on Doc how bad was it. He looked at me and seemed mad as hell.  He then proceeded to speak. You are in healthcare you preach about Blood Pressure day in and day out. You know your blood pressure was borderline high. You continue to smoke and eat a high salt, high fat diet. The result is a blood pressure of 230/118. You have a cardiac defibrillator and yet you still refuse to take care of your body.

He went on to say you are fat and I recommend Lap Band surgery ASAP. This is where I protested. That is not for me.  He asked to be fired as my Doctor. He went on to say you buck me at every turn you question everything and refuse to follow any advice. So fire me since you have all the answers. Wrong answers but you have them.


I swallowed and vowed to follow his advice except for the lap band. He went on to say then go Vegan! Vegan is what I am doing now.

8 days on a vegan diet and have dropped 14 pounds. Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. No I am not sucking on tree bark. Just simply researched vegan life style online and my journey began. Now for the exercise….. that’s a tough one.

Starting slow with walking. Legs ache due to reduced blood flow.

Whimpering, whining, and feeling sorry for myself I trudge on.

I wondered if there were other guys out there facing 50-60 that realize they are not immortal? If so, what are you doing about it? What works for you?

So this blog and group was born. Share you triumphs and failure let us learn together what works, and what does not.

Oh yes the blood pressure. Currently I am taking 3 medications.